We are a friendly bunch of staff so please do get in touch. We are pretty much all part time so please do not be offended if we take a while to respond.

Director – Brendan Tate Wistreich

Adult Program Manager – Helen Fisher

Children, Youth and Famillies Program Manager – Polly Emmott

HR Lead – Rachel Poulton

Bookkeeper – Karen Codman

Communications & Development Lead – Alison Howell

Office & Bookings Administrator – Clarita Floyd-Sanchez

Site & Facilities Manager – Josh Haggar

Livestock Coordinator – Joe Keppie-Bray

Site Assistant – Andy Pyatt

Volunteer Development Coordinator – Hannah Pawson

Project Assistant – Angela Frankham

Project Coordinators

Children and Youth Project Coordinator – vacant

Outdoor Youth Support Worker – Tracey Rouemaine

Earthworks – Rachel Lawrence

Training at the Trough – Corinne Flynn

Project Coordinator Make and Bake – Sam Lindberg

Little Farmers – Sadie Rhodes

Roots to Work Coordinator – Amy Nelson

Community Grower – Jude Rice

Jobs Coach Cafe – Sarah Prettejohns

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