Incubator Hire

Raising chicks from fertilised eggs in an incubator is a great learning experience for your pupils.  You can hire an incubator from Bath City Farm between March and June each year and we offer an installation and advice service.


The service includes: 

  • A first visit to deliver the incubator and fertilised eggs from the farm.  This session includes a talk about the incubation process and we will bring an adult chicken into the classroom for children to handle
  • A second visit to “candle” the eggs to see which eggs are developing and to deliver a brooding box (for the chicks for when they have hatched).
  • A third visit (1 week after they’ve hatched) when we’ll collect the chicks from you and return them to the farm.

The cost for the hire of the incubator for 4 weeks and 3 visits from staff is £200

For more information please contact Sarah Neale on 01225 481269 or email