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Interested in growing your own fruit and vegetables? We have plots available to rent.

Our community garden is set in a peaceful part of the farm, and with quick access through a secured bottom gate it’s within easy reach, even when carrying your gardening tools. You’ll have access to a compost toilet, water, a seating area and a wildlife pond allowing you to make a day of it.


There are 44 plots in total, a handful of which are used by the farm and our volunteers, making it a strong community space.


Single 7m x 7m: £25 per year

Double 7m x 14m: £40 per year

Concession and Friends of the Farm rates are available. Invoices run from the 1st of February each year, if you join mid-year you’ll pay from that date up until 31st January. We ask for a £10 deposit from any new licensees.

Benefits of renting an allotment

  • Fresh air, relaxation and exercise
  • Fresh tasty home grown produce
  • Organic produce, free from harmful chemicals
  • Meeting people and making new friends with like-minded interests

To rent a plot please call 01225 481 269 or

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