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As a working farm we have lots of friendly and sociable animals for you to visit.

Our Chickens peck around their pen and grass paddock, while the duck sploosh around in the ponds and waddle alongside visitors. They both provide eggs that we sell in the farm shop. The pigs enjoy rooting in the mud and sleeping in their houses and various rare breeds of sheep spend their time in some of our closer fields, munching grass all year long. We sell pork and lamb bred and reared here in our Farm shop. The Pygmy goats frolic in pens around the main buildings, looking cute and causing trouble. Dougie and Dougal, our Shetland ponies, move around from pens to field, where they like to chase the sheep, and so can be hard to track down! The cows, when we have them, graze our furthest fields, helping to maintain and increase biodiversity in our rugged natural landscape.

We aim to provide exceptional animal welfare to all of our animals including those bred for meat. We hope by being an open access farm we can educate people about where food comes from and enable them to make informed decisions around their diet, including if and how to eat meat. If you have any concerns or questions about the welfare or safety of our animals, please get in touch either online or at the farm.


If you would like to learn more about our animals we offer an animal feeding tour as part of birthday parties, team building days and school visits. You can also adopt an animal from £10 a year.

Please look after our animals by:

  • not feeding the animals with food other than the animal food we sell
  • keeping dogs on a lead
  • not scaring or chasing the animals

Our animal breeds include, Soay, Castlmilk Moorit, Norflok Horn and Cotswold sheep, Mangalitsa and Oxford Sandy-and-Black pigs, Pygmy goats, Shetland ponies and a large free range flock of rare breed chickens and ducks.

Fallen in love with one of our animals? You can adopt a pig from £20 a year.
Adopt an animal

Fallen in love with one of our animals? You can adopt a goat from £20 a year.
Adopt an animal

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